Civil Society Comments and Concerns 
about the World Bank's Proposed "Program for Results" (P4R)

Safeguards Eliminated


Policies and Safeguards Eliminated in the World Bank's Draft P4 Operational Policy 9.00

According to the World Bank's  July 18, 2011 draft P4R Operational Policy 9.00, “the following OPs/BPs (and the related Operational Memoranda) do not apply to program-for-results operations:

OP/BP 4.00,
Piloting the Use of Borrower Systems to Address Environmental and Social Safeguard Issues in Bank-Supported Projects

According to the World Bank's  July 18, 2011 draft P4R Operational Policy 9.00,

OP/BP 4.01, Environmental Assessment

OP/BP 4.02, Environmental Action Plan

OP/BP 4.04, Natural Habitats

OP 4.09, Pest Management

OP/BP 4.10, Indigenous Peoples

OP/BP 4.11, Physical Cultural Resources

OP/BP 4.12, Involuntary Resettlement

OP/BP 4.36, Forests

OP/BP 4.37, Safety of Dams

OP/BP 6.00, Bank Financing

OP/BP 8.00, Rapid Response to Crises and Emergencies

OP/BP 8.10, Project Preparation Facility

OP/BP 8.30, Financial Intermediary Lending

OP/BP 8.40, Technical Assistance

OP/BP 10.00, Investment Lending: Identification to Board Presentation

OP/BP 10.02, Financial Management

OP/BP 10.21, Investment Operations Financed by the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol

OP/BP 11.00, Procurement

OP/BP 12.00, Disbursement

OP/BP 13.05, Project Supervision

OP/BP 13.20, Additional Financing for Investment Lending

OP/BP 13.25, Use of Project Cost Savings

OP/BP 13.55, Implementation Completion Reporting

OP 13.60, Monitoring and Evaluation

OMS 2.20, Project Appraisal”

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